Visio 2019 professional is a powerful tool designed specifically to bring your ideas to life. It helps in creating and sharing data-linked diagrams which helps in the easy and dramatic illustration of concepts. It comes with new shapes and templates, advanced features and easy to use methodology.  Visio 2019 enables you to resent even the more boring and complex data in an easy way.

What are the new features of Visio 2019?

Transforming ideas

Visio 2019 comes with thousands of ready-made shapes and versatile prebuilt templates which helps in boosting your productivity. The templates meet industry standards such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Notation (BPMN) 2.0 and Business Process Model. Now, you don’t have to worry about these industry standards with Visio 2019professional.

The main advantage of using smart shapes is that the visualizations of the shapes updated automatically as the metadata changes. You can easily embed the metadata in the Visio smart shapes and use the visual cues to represent them.

Fast and easy Startup

The essence of any software is speed and Visio 2019 offers you a fast startup process. You can easily learn to use Visio2019 with its contextual tips and trick and Starter Diagrams. You can sail through the flowcharting experience like changing the smart shapes, auto-posting if the shapes, reordering and duplicating pages.

You can search anything in the Visio through the search bar which adds to the intuitive experience of the Visio. Not just shapes and templates, but you also get thousands of themes and a powerful set of effects to make an alluring representation of your project.

Data Linking

The new advanced feature of Visio 2019 is live data overlay. The live data is linked with your diagrams in the organizational structure to get the big picture of the project in just one glance. You can use the wizard to create diagrams from your data in Visio 019.

Vibrant colored icons and symbols and bar graphs are embedded in Visio to give an added effect to your data graphics making your presentation more meaningful. It reveals patterns and meaning in your data.

The new feature of one-set connectivity with Excel tables is also added to swap the data in the graphics in just one swap.

You will always be up-to-date with Visio 2019. You must have to link your diagrams to its data source and periodically update your data source and your diagrams are automatically updated.

Intergraded communication and Feedback

You can get feedback on any of the shapes and diagrams in Visio. It is also integrated with Skype, video chat or chat within Visio which helps in effective communication and you don’t have to switch between apps. Also, you can protect your sensitive information with Microsoft file protection technologies.

Easy sharing and access

You can access the diagrams and any other processes on the go. You can share your diagrams across your organization in a browser easily. You can gain alignment, increase efficiency, monitor compliance and boost the productivity of your business by creating visibility in the best practices using Visio 2019.

You can simply click, download and start making data-linked diagrams. You can easily buy and download the Visio 2019 professional at


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